AGS and Industry Leaders to Travel to Africa

Leaders from the manufacturing, retail, gem laboratory and education sectors of the American diamond industry, including a group of American Gem Society retailers, will travel to southern Africa during the first two weeks in August 2010.

Led by Diamond Trading Company Sightholder, Julius Klein Group, and supported by the American Gem Society, the group of 15 diamond industry innovators will begin the trip in London, followed by South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

The men and women traveling with the African Meropa Diamond Tour plan to support local charities in each of the southern African countries through tree planting (for carbon off-setting), visiting local schools and the visualization of community projects.

American Gem Society retailers represented on the trip include: president of the American Gem Society board of directors, Cathy Calhoun of Calhoun Jewelers in Royersford, Pennsylvania. Lawrence and Kathy Bock of Bachendorf’s Underwoord Jewelers in Jacksonville, FL, Frank and Theresa Brown of Brown & Company in Roswell, Georgia, Jim and Carolyn Clark of BC Clark Jewelers in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Mark and Candy Udell of London Jewelers in Manhasset, NY. Representing the Julius Klein Group will be AD & Bella Klein and Moshe & Sheindy Klein. in Dallas, Texas, Clayton and Christy Bromberg of

Highlights of Julius Klein Group’s African Meropa Diamond Tour will include:

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