Glass of Champagne or perhaps some Coffee?

Brown & Co Jewelers Diamond Champagne Happy Hour

Brown & Co Jewelers Diamond Champagne Happy Hours

Come inside dear friend… Would you care for a glass of Champagne to celebrate your plans. What? You’re browsing our Bridal Collections… surely a celebration is in order and Brown & Co. would love to be the first to say, “congratulations.” Come join us for a drink while you find that perfect piece to symbolize a love that lasts a lifetime.

Brown & Co. Coffee Bar

Coffee Anyone?..What flavor do you crave today?

Do you have the Time? The time to stop for a cup of Coffee from our Coffee Bar. Sure you do and Brown & Co. is happy to have you. Come take a look at our unbelievable

collection of luxury time pieces and always know how much time you have for a coffee break. Oh and would you like some cream and sugar with that?

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