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Amethyst is for February

Amethyst is in the quartz species and was a prized gem until it was discovered in abundance in South America.  Until the end of the 19th century, Amethyst was commonly found in Russia.  Today, the 2 major amethyst sources are Africa and South America.  75% of commercial quality amethyst comes from Brazil where the rough is larger in size but paler in color. The majority of fine quality amethyst is sourced from Africa.

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Amethyst is found in a variety of hues from strongly saturated violetish purple to reddish purple in the finer quality stone and grayish violet in the commercial grade stones.  In the trade, there are 4 amethyst grades; AAA (vivid color), AA or A (medium-dark color), B (medium color), and C (light color).  Grade B represents the majority of the amethyst market.

The most common treatment used for amethyst is heat treatment.  The heat treatment has 3 possible outcomes.  First, it can lighten the color of a dark amethyst.  Second, it can remove brownish tints.  And lastly, the heating process can make a light purple amethyst turn yellow or green with no detectible signs of treatment.


Provided by our gemologist in Buckhead, Tori Ross