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The Art of Memorable Gifts

During the holiday season, filled with laughter and cheer and plans for dinners and parties (and dinner parties), sometimes time can fly by just as easily as pouring water into a sifter leaving gift buying as an afterthought. But with a bit of planning ahead, gifts can be made and without every single second of your time.

In early November of last year, a client in Roswell, walked through our doors and met with our custom designers, Neale and Claudia. The client came in with an idea to custom design a special and unique piece of jewelry for a special and significant individual – the lovely Mrs.

With him, he had a beautiful glass stone that he purchased overseas in Japan – an absolute work of art on its own – that he wished to incorporate and make the centerpiece and focus of the piece he had in mind.

With several meetings, drafts, and weeks, Neale and Claudia unfolded a beautiful kick cuff just days before the 25th of December.